OUR Services

RF Solution

RF Solutions are manufacturers of radio modules and remote control systems. Providing a wide range of off-the-shelf products along with a large volume of RF OEM and some contract manufacturing, RF Solutions have the experience, knowledge and capabilities to engage with companies and individuals that need very high product quality, no matter the order volume.

RF Cabling Solution

High performance microwave cable assemblies and coaxial components, a high quality transmission medium due to reliability over wide band and is categorized as feeder lines for signal transmission and leakage coaxial cables for signal radiation, with a wide variety of industry standard cables, components and board level interconnects or with mix-and-match flexibility on cable and providing operational excellence tailored to volume manufacturing requirements With a radiating cable solution, new machines can co-exist within the crowded plant RF space without adding to the cacophony

ESD Safe Work Station & Flooring

Conductive and dissipative floor materials allow electrostatic charges and dissipation to follow a path safely to the ground. Sensitive electronic equipment, tools, and products are highly susceptible to ESD events. The ESD Association specifies that “grounding is especially important for effective ESD control.” To secure the safety of your ESD workstation and EPA you need to evaluate your ESD control measures on a regular basis and clearly define what measures need to be taken to effectively carry out ESD safety.

EMI EMC Lab – in Association with TDK

TDK Emissions Lab combines a powerful set of testing tools with an easy-to-use interface to reduce the complexity associated with immunity testing. The TDK Electronics EMC laboratory in Regensburg, Germany, offers a wide range of services. They extend from consulting during product development via EMC measurements and tests on prototypes up to the acceptance tests of series equipment, including: Measurement of conducted and radiated emissions.