Beyond Business

We are part of Art Of Living as Volunteer and we do support and joins hand with Art of Living Service Projects, which we do beyond the Business, and their main focus are driven one-pointed vision of “a stress-free, violence free world”. All their initiatives, programs and workshops are guided by that mission and so far they have been able to reach out to over 350 million people across the world.

For the last 35+ years, they have been successful in executing development projects across a large number of social sectors. Firmly believe that have the expertise and the competencies to execute small and large projects across geographies, sectors and issues.

Good Health

Holistic ways to boost immunity

Strengthen your immunity and experience a better sense  of  wellness 


For Good Physical Health

 It gives you strength, flexibility, and mind-body awareness


For Good Mental Health

Reduces Stress, Controls Anxiety, Promotes Emotional Health