INPAQ Antenna

Inpaq is THE Globally approved RF antenna manufacture with remarkable global market share 25% in GPS antenna and leading volume in automotive/NFC antenna, numerous Design-Win cases in consumer electronics & automobile and keep expanding to WPC and LCT/LDS applications with overwhelming strength. Inpaq is competitive RF antenna supplier

Applications of Antenna

Phone, Tablet, Nb, Automotive, Network, Tv, Set Top Box

RF Antenna

Patch Antenna

Active Antenna

Chip Antenna

Dipole antenna 2G, 3G, 5G Dual Band Antenna’s

Customized Antenna

NFC/RFID Antenna (Reader/Tag)

Automotive Antenna

RFID antenna(Reader/Tag)

Circuit Protection

Ultra Low Cap. ESD Suppressor

EMI / ESD Suppressor

Transient Voltage Suppressor

Multilayer Varistor

EMI / EMC Automotive Product

Multilayer Chip Bead

EMI Filter

Wireless Power Solution

WPC standard type, low / medium power TX & RX module, in order to achieve the best charging efficiency and the lowest cost of production. Widely used in furniture, mobile phones, mobile power, wearable products, headphones, electronic games, and other consumer electronic devices

Power Inductor

Low profile and compact components in power application, Inpaq provides total power inductor solutions for portable devices, smart phone, table PC/PAD, two process technologies of Wire-wound plastic molding with magnetic powders (Metal molding series) and Multilayer ferrite/ceramic co-firing in high temperature process (Multilayer Ferrite series). WIP and MIP series are available and JEIA Size: 2520/2016 for WIP, 2520/2016 for MIP series. Inductance range from 0.24~4.7uH.