Cable shielding materials & shielded entries materials

The cable shield can be grounded at one end, or both ends of the cable. You can use the 4920 series cable grounding clamps. Cable shielding can be supplied as a ready-made sleeve, on rolls or as a flexible shielding tube. It comes either in continuous lengths, on a reel or cut into lengths.

Cable protection with shielding (high temp) 4600

Full metal flexible cable shielding 4800

Thermoplastic EMI RFI shielded hoses 4945

Wrapshield 4730

Cable-entry shield 4910

EMI cable-shielding tie-wrap 4950

Ready-made cable-shielding sleeve 4700S

Conductiverubber, EMI & RFI sheets

Conductive Rubber O-profiles developed for high performance shielding. Used where environmental & EMI screening is required but little space is available

Conductive carbon filled rubber 5755-S

Conductive rubber O-profiles 7900

Conductive rubber O-rings 7910

Conductive rubber sheets 5750-S

Electrically conductive rubber profiles 5750-P

Die-cut gasket

Gasket die-cut according to the client out of various materials, for example: silicone gasket, Monel gasket, conductive rubber, conductive foam, neoprene

Die-cut gasket 8300

Flash-cut gasket

Neoprene gasket with conductive-rubber hollow O-ring

Self-adhesive neoprene gasket

Silicone foam gasket with mesh foil inside

EMI Shielding Solutions

We are the market leader in the production of EMI shielding materials and Faraday cages. Our strategy is to go all the way on each project to achieve the highest shielding results. Lowcost solutions. High quality products

Clip-on EMI shielding gasket heavy-duty 6600

Knitted wire mesh gaskets 1200

Standard shield 7000

Self-adhesive neoprene gasket

Compartment shield

Compartment shield is a highly conductive foil laminated with a high-deflection, low closure-force foam layer. The housing itself is used to close the separations on the PCB. The high-deflection, low closure-force foam is also available combined with conductive fabrics or non-woven. Please note that the compartment shield must make contact to ground.