JAE SANG Electronic Switches

We have been providing TACT switches (Dip, SMT & Radial Lead type) under full automatic computerized system. Based on technical experience accumulated for a long time, we provide TOP Quality Switches and get increasing our exports to the American Continents and European markets as well as domestic market.

We put Customer Satisfaction first and trying to do our best to be a worldwide company that can contribute to the industrial development of electronic parts.

Dip Switch -JSS-2209

Hook Switches

Lever Switches

Microswitch Super Miniature Micro

Tact Switch SMD Type

Tact Switch Bulk Type 1

Tact Switch Bulk Type

Tact Switch -JSP-2213A

Tact Switch -JST-1102V

Tact Switch -JST-1105

Tact Switch

Tact Switches Radial Type

Tact Switches SMD Type